Let's get weird.


Happy Birthday Gerrit

Does this  reverse gastocling accentuate my chest hair enough? Gotta look good for the ladies.



Keepin’ it fresh

Who put this used tampon in my chalk bag? Well at least I have a spare. And my maxi-crash pad is below to catch any leaks.


Bob Ross School of Oil Painting

Bob Ross School of Oil Painting – in order to paint a happy little mountain, we must first understand the happy little mountain.


Glamour Shot Gone Bad

Everyone’s favorite spotting technique…the old reach around. Matt likes it.


Photo by Kerri Boyd Isenstadt

Gangnam Style V10

His Send Face is exactly like his O-Face, and incidentally the same as his Poop Face. Even more crazy… he’s doing all three right now.


Shit’s about to get awkward

Welcome to Awkward Climbing Photos. Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Rachel Rice, Erin O’Brien, and Justin Duvall (behind the scenes sarcastic captioner), and inspired by Awkward Climbing Photos from www.eriniseclectic.wordpress.com. Got an awkward climbing photo you want to share? Send it to¬†awkwardclimbingphotos@gmail.com.